S.H.E. UK. is a Registered Charity based in Nottinghamshire that offers a holistic range of support services for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, exploitation and sexual violence.

How we help

Telephone Support

We recognise that when a survivor reaches out for support, they need that support now. Our telephone support service is available to those people waiting to start their therapy with us. We will arrange a weekly or fortnightly call to help with coping strategies in the ‘here and now’ and help with signposting to other services to address other challenges as they arise.


We offer clients up to two years of weekly therapy. This service is delivered by both qualified and trainee therapists who are undertaking their counselling qualifications. Long-term therapy is one of our core values at SHE UK, as whilst we recognise that for some short-term interventions can be useful; we feel longer term counselling is the most effective for survivors of such trauma.

SHE-roes group

The SHE-roes Lounge is a female peer support group. The aim of these sessions is to provide survivors with a safe space to meet people who have similar experiences, aid self-development through a range of educational courses and reduce feelings of isolation. The Lounge is held every Tuesday and is facilitated by qualified therapists.

Begin your journey

    What survivors say

    S.H.E. UK. is a UK Registered Charity based in Nottinghamshire that offers a holistic range of support services for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, exploitation, and sexual violence.

    Our mission is to improve the lives of victims of childhood sexual abuse and sexual violence.

    Our vision is that survivors are met with compassion and openness, in a world where childhood sexual abuse is exposed, tackled and not associated with feelings of shame.

    We support. We empower survivors to rebuild their lives by providing long term, tailored support & development

    We educate. We work with others to improve the support structures for survivors, by raising awareness, training and campaigning

    We connect. We enable survivors to thrive, by connecting them to peer networks and wider support services in their community

    S.H.E UK is a member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy) and is committed to its Ethical Framework for the counselling professions.

    Our History

    S.H.E. UK was founded in 1998 by Jacqui Lewis and Ezzie Bainbridge, who discovered a severe lack of a holistic approach to the devastating effects of childhood sexual abuse. Jacqui is now a trustee. As the years have passed, our services have developed from a simple meeting of women with shared experiences to a range of services supporting all genders and non-abusing family members. From immediate telephone support, 1:1 therapy, self-development courses and our weekly female SHE-roes peer lounge group.

    Our supporters