Staying safe online

If you are worried about someone tracking what you are doing online, it is important that they don't know you have been seeking support. Deleting your entire browser history may look suspicious; consider deleting only the entries related to seeking support around domestic abuse.

Depending on your browser type and device, there are slightly different ways of deleting entries in your history. If you aren’t sure how to, you can find instructions on the browser’s webpage – but remember to delete this entry in your search history, too.

Deleting your browser history on:

If you're worried about someone being able to access your internet activity, there are some things you can do to help protect yourself.

First, make sure you're using a phone or computer that can't be accessed by the person you are worried about. You could use a friend's phone or computer, or even a work phone.

Second, use the private or ‘incognito’ mode in your browser when searching for information online. This will hide your search history and any websites you visit from other people who have access to your computer.

Finally, sign out of accounts such as Google or Facebook before searching the web or on video sites like YouTube. If someone else has access to these accounts, they may be able to see what you've been looking at!

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