Vacancy: Treasurer (voluntary position)

We are looking for a Treasurer (and Trustee) to join our dedicated Management Committee!

The Treasurer will need:

  • Financial qualifications and experience
  • Knowledge of management accounting and budgeting.
  • Knowledge of the Charity Commission Statement of Recommended practice (SORP) for annual reporting to the Commission.
  • Some experience of charity finance and fundraising.
  • Ability to communicate and explain financial information simply.
  • The skills to analyse proposals and plans and to examine their financial consequences.
  • Being prepared to make unpopular recommendations to the board.
  • A willingness to be available to the CEO and other relevant staff for advice and enquiries on an adhoc basis.

In addition to Trustee duties, Treasurer role and duties, include:

  • Assure that the financial resources of the organisation meets its present and future needs.
  • Advising on the financial implications of SHE UK’s development plans.
  • Oversee the annual budgeting cycle.
  • Ensure regular financial management accounts, showing performance against budget, are produced and presented to the board.
  • Prepare any additional financial reports required by the board.
  • Ensure the year-end accounts are prepared and disclosed in the form required by the regulatory bodies and funders.
  • Ensure the year-end accounts are externally scrutinised in the manner required.
  • Making a formal presentation of the year-end accounts at the Annual General Meeting and draw attention to points in a coherent and easily understandable way.
  • Ensure the appropriate accounting procedures and controls are in place and complied with.
  • Ensure that the charity has an appropriate reserves policy.
  • Ensure the payment of salaries, PAYE, National Insurance, Statutory sick pay, pensions and expenses and to ensure submission of returns to appropriate bodies.
  • To ensure the organisation is adequately insured for property, employer’s liability, public liability and other such risks as directed by the board.
  • Liaise with the CEO about financial matters.

To obtain the recruitment pack or if you have any queries, please email us -

We won

People's Project Awards - we won!


We are delighted to announce, during the first week of June 2023, we won a public vote to secure £68,276 of National Lottery funding as part of this year’s The People’s Projects. The money was awarded after we won the public over with our plans to support adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, sexual violence and rape. Our project, named the SHE-roes Lounge and Peer Group, is a weekly session for survivors to undertake self-development courses, connect with others and take back control of their lives to reach their ambitions and goals.

Our bid was one of five groups in Calendar South ITV region to compete for a share of a life changing £4 million in National Lottery funding. Each of the groups had their projects featured on prime-time TV, giving the public a chance to see their fantastic work and then make the tough choice of where the money should go.

After being chosen by voters from across the region, S.H.E UK will use this new funding to continue their work to bring people together, strengthen their local community and make a difference to people’s lives across Nottinghamshire.

Lisa Lenton, Chief Executive at S.H.E UK said: “We are absolutely thrilled to have taken part in The People’s Projects this year. It has provided us with a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of the work we do, and we can’t thank the public enough for getting behind us and giving us the opportunity to make our community a better place for all. This funding will enable us to offer survivors a long-term service – a place where they will replace anxiety, low self-esteem, and a lack of confidence with positivity and self-belief for the future. The group isn’t traditional group therapy, it’s more dynamic than that – it is a place for survivors to understand the effects of trauma, learn coping strategies, positive mindset, amongst other things, and move forward on their healing journey.”

Thank you to all of you who voted!


Staying safe online

If you are worried about someone tracking what you are doing online, it is important that they don't know you have been seeking support. Deleting your entire browser history may look suspicious; consider deleting only the entries related to seeking support around domestic abuse.

Depending on your browser type and device, there are slightly different ways of deleting entries in your history. If you aren’t sure how to, you can find instructions on the browser’s webpage – but remember to delete this entry in your search history, too.

Deleting your browser history on:

If you're worried about someone being able to access your internet activity, there are some things you can do to help protect yourself.

First, make sure you're using a phone or computer that can't be accessed by the person you are worried about. You could use a friend's phone or computer, or even a work phone.

Second, use the private or ‘incognito’ mode in your browser when searching for information online. This will hide your search history and any websites you visit from other people who have access to your computer.

Finally, sign out of accounts such as Google or Facebook before searching the web or on video sites like YouTube. If someone else has access to these accounts, they may be able to see what you've been looking at!

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